MBA Application Tracker

Use your MBA application tracker if you are half way through your semester.

You knew business school was not going to be easy. You have projects and midterms approaching. With all the corporations information sessions and networking, you need time to study between the parties and more career panels. The best way top keep focused is to use your MBA application tracker.

Take inventory in the beginning of the semester so you have a chance to make changes. Prioritize your time by making a tough decision to stay or leave some of the student organizations on campus because they are no longer tied to your new goals. At some point as you follow your MBA application tracker, you have to realize its time to bow out of many activities on your list, as it became ridiculously long.

Don’t limit your goals just to things like career development or academics. Consider other factors such as how are you doing at networking, engaging in your community and volunteering. Keep on track and make sure you are doing what you set out to do. Move things around, replace non essentials and streamline your schedule. You might find out that its not absolutely necessary to do everything on your list and life is much better. 

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Have a great story and want to share it as a guest blogger or contributor to MBAchic? Our community would love to have you! Here are some of the ways to be part of our community:

  • Share your GMAT / GRE prep or MBA application process
  • Tell us about career advice that would apply to MBA students in their final year of business school
  •  Join us in an Instagram Takeover #MBAchicTakeover  
  • Offer MBA students who are interviewing recruiting tips
  • Have lessons you learned while going through the MBA program?
  • Has your MBA spouse or partners MBA journey impacted you?
  • Tips on how to dress for a career interview and your take on fashion for the workplace
  • Pitch an idea and we will share it with our community!

We are sharing a very interesting article MBA application tracker wrote for Women On Topp. There are 10 tips for time savings and leveling up productivity.

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